Running With Scissors Delivers the Past, the Dead and the Insane for E3 with POSTAL 2’s “Paradise Lost”TM

While other game companies are announcing their new games at E3, Running With Scissors is doing its best Back To The Future impression by announcing PARADISE LOST, an add-on to their 2003 title POSTAL 2 com.

“It’s in-friggin’-credible” said Vince Desi, lead tongue at Running with Scissors. “Here we are more than a decade later and the POSTAL brand is more popular than ever thanks to Steam and a super loyal fan base. From being scorned in the public arena and blacklisted in the retail market, today new gamers across the globe are experiencing the insane humor and gameplay thanks to the changing marketplace and interest in retrogaming.”

In PARADISE LOST the Postal Dude returns to Paradise, Arizona, the town where the original game and sequel took place. Last seen in the add-on Apocalypse Weekend, after having nuked the town, the Postal Dude is thrown back into a forgotten wasteland 11 years later. He will encounter an iconic cast of characters including Gary Coleman, Krotchy, Champ, MadCow MikeJ, Vince Desi and other familiar faces along the way.

POSTAL 2 is an enigma and the POSTAL franchise has stood the test of time. The original POSTAL game launched in 1997. POSTAL 2, launched in 2003 and now PARADISE LOST will be released in the fall of 2014.

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