Fantasy RPG, Final Clash, Coming Soon to iOS and Android (Video)

 Games publisher, PopPace, has announced today that its mobile fantasy RPG, Final Clash, will release in western markets for iOS and Android devices in early 2017. Featuring spinning 3D battles, players will be able to change their view angles with a simple swipe of the screen, making it easier for players to check the enemy’s team build and arrange an optimal battle strategy. Final Clash will particularly appeal to RPG and strategy game fanatics.

About Final Clash
Final Clash is a free-to-play fantasy online role-playing game that features stunning 3D graphics. Players collect heroes, gather resources with teammates, and train and strengthen heroes to wipe out enemies in thrilling, addictive, fast-paced battles.
Final Clash is currently a top game in multiple Asian countries including Taiwan and Malaysia, receiving an average 4.5-star review rating from its Apple Store and Google Play users.
Final Clash will be available in 2017 in western markets for iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Game Features
Heroes: Choose from over 50 heroes including melee warriors and powerful mages. Develop each hero’s unique skills and collect equipment for additional power upgrades to defeat your foes.
Beasts: Acquire various animal companions to accompany and assist your heroes in battles. Upgrade beasts and unlock new talents to further enhance hero powers.
Epic Wars: Determine which heroes work best together in battle to defeat horrifying evil monsters to become the one true leader!
Guilds: Join a guild and ascend to become its leader. Form alliances and battle competitors to become the server’s top guild!