Farm Expert 2017 Offers Comprehensive Farm Simulation With Advanced Physics (Video)

Leading games publisher Playway is proud to announce the worldwide release of Farm Expert 2017 now available on STEAM™, offering to aspiring farmers a comprehensive gameplay experience with incredible physics and officially licensed vehicles and machines.

Farm Expert 2017 includes 3 massive open-world maps to explore, grow and cultivate. Grow animals, harvest crops and have fun in the workshop repairing and maintaining more than 170 officially licensed vehicles and machines from real-life manufacturers, such as Kuhn, Grimme, Krampe, Pöttinger, Rauch, Landini, McCormick, Valpanada, Vogel&Noot, Kröger, Suer, Ponsse, HB-Brantner, FSI, Kuxmann, Sipma, Weremczuk. The workshop allows you to replace broken parts, change wheels and even offers to put consoles into the Front-Loader. Plants must be grown and nurtured in the games greenhouses adding a unique layer of fun to the simulation. Tend to each stage of growth and keep a close eye on the temperature and humidity. Your fields must be maintained and you have 3 types of plant protection products to support your efforts. With incredible attention to detail and advanced soil-physics, Farm Expert 2017 is an impressive download with amazing plough furrow and soil conditions affected by simulated weather conditions. The game offers full modding support enabling you to customize the game to your personal preference and style of play.