Farmdale for iOS

Game Garden, the company that created the popular farm simulator Fairy Farm and city-builder Fairy Kingdom, has announced the release of Farmdale, an amazing free-to-play farming game for iOS available worldwide . Farmdale allows a player to grow a nice fantasy farm in a wonderful and mystic land populated by incredible plants and cute animals.

The game offers a dynamic storyline, a multitude of diverse quests and new unique heroes.

Farmdale by Game Garden tries to bring the changes to the classic gameplay by adding magical and fairytale component. Player will take a role of a niece or nephew of Balbo Braggins, a famous Farmdale adventurer. He’ll delegate you the farm, so here you are: all these plants, trees, animals and buildings are yours now! Grow plants and trees, make them the best of the best in magic world, sell them on fair, improve your farm and enjoy the most fantastic place created by yourself!

Amazing cartoon graphics fascinates a player so much, that he doesn’t want to leave his beautiful farm and a lot of abilities and opportunities make even true farmers interested in the game process. The player can cook great variety of food, mixing ingredients and getting new recipes, create tons of clothes and accessories, decorate his farm with wonderful stuff and to be a handy master! Dozens of animals and plants let the player show himself in raising them: it is never boring. Exciting story only makes everything more interesting and motivates player to explore more lands, find hidden treasure, complete marvellous quests from cute characters and enjoy the adventure with lovely Uncle Balbo.

A free-to-play model plus constant updates guarantee a long gaming fun, while in-game purchases are for those who want to make the long story short. Overall, Farmdale looks, feels and plays like a real magic adventure combining eye-catching visuals, simple controls and deep gameplay.

Pricing and availability

Farmdale works under iOS 6.0 or higher. The game is free to play with in-game purchases available.

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