The Dungeoning on Steam

The Dungeoning is a new roguelike platformer for PC, Mac and Linux, featuring all this cool stuff:

·Compelling procedurally-generated world.
·RPG-like-like levelling.
·New Game +++++
·Visceral permadeath.
·Roguelikelikelike elements.
·Mathematically calibrated square pixels.
·Impressive chests.
·Goddam Barrels.
·Multiple slime colours (They are different sprites I promise)

Alpha Trailer:
Gameplay Preview:

If you die in The Dungeoning, you die in real life. No, wait. If you die, you lose EVERYTHING and you start again, but in a parallel dimension.

Everything has changed this time. That weird slime you sliced up might be a bat or something. That awesome chest with the mysterious Engraved Sabre? It might just have a soggy apple in it now.. But it might have a SPARKLING RING! OMG.

Luckily you get a map that fills in as you explore, and there are chests and crates literally littered all over the bloody place. Can’t move for the things.

Pick up your bow, your arrows, your newbie sword and your seemingly useless slingshot, and blunder in like an idiot, to your death.

The game was completed as a debut solo project by Nick Donnelly, co-creator of Mos Speedrun, who designed, coded, composed the music and drew the pixels all on his own. In a cave probably. With wifi.

Nick loves Dark souls, and he made this in between playing Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 being released. There are some nods to Dark Souls in The Dungeoning.

The Game is available to buy now on Desura,, and Steam for the handsome price of around $11.99 USD / £6.99 GBP (With sales in effect during the first couple of weeks).

Game Website:
Nick’s Twitter: @nickd3000
Steam Game Page: (Windows only ATM)
Desura Game Page: Game Page:
Video Monetisation Waiver:

The game is currently available for PC and Mac, and soon for Linux.
It’s available to buy on Desura and marketplaces.
The Game supports most PC joypads, including a wired 360 controller.
The game is made in Java.

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