Once More with Feeling: FreshPlanet Unveils SongPop 2

Mobile games developer FreshPlanet today announced that SongPop 2, the sequel to the immensely popular music trivia game SongPop, is currently in production for release later this year. SongPop 2 will be available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Facebook canvas, and Android devices. The title builds on the Name That Tune™ foundation of the original IP with a fresh new face and a slew of brand new content: new ways to play, tens of thousands of new songs, and more.

SongPop 2’s major new feature is Party Mode, a brand new tournament-style mode that allows players to test their skills without needing to wait around for their opponent to make a move, and lets them engage with songs outside of the lists that they’ve unlocked. Players will compete in a series of ten-question music trivia quizzes, each one adding to their overall score on the global leaderboard. When the party’s over, fabulous prizes await the top players – including coins, power-ups, and even VIP badges.

On top of SongPop 2’s expansive catalogue of music, FreshPlanet will be adding a new pack of six playlists (of 200 songs each) every week, all of which will be free-to-try. New users will start with six playlists, personalized to suit their musical taste; returning players can sync their accounts to find all of their unlocked and purchased playlists from SongPop ready and waiting for them in SongPop 2.

“We were thrilled to see how many people were playing SongPop over the years,” said FreshPlanet CEO, Mathieu Nouzareth. “I think of SongPop 2 as a love letter to our community. We listened to their feedback, and now we’re using it to design a game that expands on everything they loved about the original – plus a fresh new look and a ton of extra surprises.”

In addition to SongPop 2, FreshPlanet will be releasing the rock’n’roll spin-off Rock On – A SongPop Adventure, a single-player music trivia game that lets players virtually go on tour with a band, progressing by answering questions about the greatest hits of rock’n’roll throughout the ages.

SongPop 2 will be available on the Apple App Store, followed by Facebook and Google Play, and Rock On will be released exclusively on iOS. Launch dates for both titles will be revealed soon.

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