Firefighting Roguelike, Flame Over gets Vita release date

After two years of intense development, Laughing Jackal are thrilled to announce the release date for their firefighting, twin-stick shooting, pyroguelike “Flame Over”.

The game will be available to purchase for PS Vita on Tuesday 10th March in the SCEA territories for the bargain price of just $9.99 and on Wednesday 11th March throughout the SCEE region for just €9.99.”

The official Flame Over website has also gone live today at and features a downloadable press pack featuring fact sheet, screenshots, movies and other art.

In addition to announcing the release date, Laughing Jackal have also released a new Let’s Play video featuring the game’s designer, Alasdair Evans, playing through the game.

Flame Over is a firefighting action “pyroguelike” for Vita, featuring:
· Fast-paced Twin Stick “squirt ‘em-up” gameplay.
· A mesmerising dynamic fire system.
· Randomly generated levels. Billions of combinations!
· Awesome firefighting equipment and lots of powerups.
· Super-cute cats to rescue… And people.
· Perma-death made less painful via a persistent upgrade system.

After seeing Flame Over at Gamescom 2014 Mark Brown of Pocket Gamer said:
“Walking around the halls of Gamescom this week, Flame Over has been the game that has really stuck in my mind… I, for one, will certainly be playing it when it’s out later this year.”

Meanwhile Matthew Reynolds of Digital Spy called it: “a smart rogue-like we very much look forward to seeing debut on Vita.”
Since then, Keza MacDonald of Kotaku UK has said that it could be: “one of the Vita’s secret hits next year.”
And GamesTM had this to say: “This is seriously hot stuff. …we can see this one becoming a real cult favourite.”

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