Flappy Birdies launches, renamed to Poopy Birdies!

Are you ready to laugh your ass off? This week eBattalion has delivered a quality Flappy Bird style game, as promised. The iOS game previously known as Flappy Birdies is now titled Poopy Birdies. Poopy Birdies brings to market the extreme challenge players expect, and adds some childish humour to boot.

Take control of any of the five included birds, stretch out those tiny wings and prepare to fly. Players will find themselves crashing into hundreds of pipes and still coming back for more. When victory seems impossible, discover that difficulty is adjustable. Flappy Birdies is a parody of the parody of the #1 smash hit game, by the developers that played Flappy Bird!

Quick game overview:
– Tap to flap your wings and fly
– Dodge the pipes
– Compete with your friends
– Earn bronze, silver, gold, platinum medals
– Yoshi’s Island inspired artwork
– Funny extras will make you LOL

Poopy Birdies on Facebook: http://facebook.com/eBattalion
Poopy Birdies on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eBattalion
Poopy Birdies at home: http://ebattalion.com
Trailer: http://facebook.com/photo.php?v=677978235599501

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