Indiecade finalist simian.interface launches on the App Store

Simian applicants required for a series of mind-boggling experiments and neurological tests.

Leading independent mobile games publisher Chillingo today announced the launch of Vested Interest and Bullseye Studios surreal puzzle experience simian.interface on the App Store.

Inspired by tabletop puzzles, modern art, and cognitive psychological experiments, simian.interface presents challenges which must be solved using pattern recognition, intuition, and experimentation.

There are no time limits, no explicit rules, and very simple controls.

simian.interface is an experience for all ages and ability levels with stunning visuals, fun touch and tilt controls, a chip-tune soundtrack provided by “note!”, and plenty of secret levels to discover.

Intrigued? Willing participants can download simian.interface for $0.99/£0.69 from the App Store

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