FLICK CHAMPIONS EXTREME SPORTS to launch on mobile on June 15th

Combining five awesome Extreme sports, FLICK CHAMPIONS EXTREME comes to the App Store and Google Play on June 15th.

The free to play game is the latest in Nawia Games’ best selling and much loved ‘Flick Champions’ series of sports compilations. The game includes WINGSUIT, PAINTBALL, ROCK CLIMBING, PARKOUR and SURFING, all in one awesome package.

It’s time to get EXTREME with five of the most awesome sports on the planet! Soar through the air in your WINGSUIT, get the perfect shot in PAINTBALL, outrun the lava flow in ROCK CLIMBING, surge through the waves SURFING, and finally free run as fast as you can in PARKOUR.

Visit Extreme Islands and jump into Career Mode to win cups in every sport, conquering every discipline, challenge by challenge, on a tropical archipelago. Jump into Endless Mode and make your own choice of sport or chalk out the challenges and pit your wits, muscles, and daring against real players on-line.

Game Features:

  • THREE modes to compete in: Career, Endless and Challenge.
  • Play against friends and other gamers in the global challenge.
  • Loads of Power Ups to unlock for every sport from Ultra Wingsuit & Jetpacks for WINGSUIT, Super Pick Axes & Zip Lines for ROCK CLIMBING, Wave Boosters & Turbo Jumps for SURFING, Stunt Boosters & Titanium Bracers for PARKOUR and Paint Grenades & Force Fields in PAINTBALLING.
  • Upgrade every Power Up to be faster, more powerful and spicier!
  • Unlock each of the five Extreme Sports islands and win every Super Cup.
  • Collect XP by staying in the game if you can, and earn every trophy to become the ultimate Extreme Sports Star.
  • Spin the wheel of fortune to win free power ups every day.

Flick Champions Extreme Sports is the latest in the Flick Champions range. Play 9 awesome field sports in ‘Flick Champions Classic’, an array of outdoor challenges in ‘Flick Champions Summer’ and hit the slopes in ‘Flick Champions Winter Sports’. Download them all on the App Store or Google Play today.