Just Flight has started taking the tablets

Specialist flight and train simulation developer and publisher Just Flight has made the leap onto mobile platforms with two add-ons for aeroflyFS that are now available as in-app purchases for this hugely popular flight sim.

Just Flight’s publishing director Alex Ford explained: “We have been developing top quality aircraft for 15 years and we’ve spent the entire time diversifying and looking to evolve as the world of flight simulation changes. This latest move onto the iOS platform is the result of our work with the team at aeroflyFS. We have selected two of the best light aircraft in our hangar – the Duchess and the Archer – and remodelled them for aeroflyFS. In practical terms this has meant developing the aircraft virtually from scratch and they are now available to buy direct and on Steam for the PC version of aeroflyFS. Meanwhile, in the mobile/tablet airspace, where aeroflyFS is acknowledged as one of the best examples of aviation-related software available, the aircraft can be added to the sim as in-app purchases.”

“These are early days but we’re pleased to see that both aircraft are at the top of the in-app league table for aeroflyFS. We have plans for more aircraft including a Spitfire which is currently in development and due out early in 2014.”

The tablet versions of the aircraft are available now, with iPhone versions to follow over the next fortnight.

Meanwhile, owners of the PC version of aeroflyFS can get their hands on the controls directly from the Just Flight website at www.justflight.com

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