Flow announces Cat Fights

Hereby Flow studios would like announce our game Cat Fights, here’s our announcement

trailer http://youtu.be/wDbgguatooI. We will be releasing our game Q3 of 2014.

Cat fights

Cat fights is a 1 vs. 1 multiplayer fighting game for the iPad,PC and Mac.

With lots of crazy weapons, mind blowing finishing moves and fast-paced air-
combat, cats fight against each other and will figuratively blow you away. If you

love cats you can arm them with katana’s, fishes and lampposts, you name it. If

you hate cats you can finally beat them up without remorse.

Dragonball meets Cats in a single player and multiplayer mode, there will be

enough fighting for a whole universe! Everything is fair in a quest to beat the other

cat with feline grace into submission in a dynamic. strategic fighting game on your

iPad, PC and Mac.

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