Fnatic GEAR saves relationships with new RUSH Silent Gaming keyboard

Fnatic Gear, the celebrated peripherals arm of the world’s leading esports organisation, Fnatic, today announced the release of its new best in-class professional grade gaming keyboard – the RUSH Silent.

Building on the same ‘no BS’ qualities that made the original RUSH so widely successful -high quality build, a slick and stylish design -this new edition utilises Cherry MX Silent switches to nullify the clicking noise that sounds off at every key press, making it the ideal tool for gamers who live, work and play in a shared space, whether that be with family, a roommate or a partner.

A reviewer of the original RUSH said, “Fnatic’s gaming keyboards are designed to be exactly what you need to perform without any flashy extras. It is sturdy, reliable and doesn’t compromise on switches. It is easily worth recommending.” “The Rush G1 from Fnatic is a beautiful work of art,” commented another user. With the new RUSH Silent all this still remains true.

There’s no need to worry about stirring the sleeping giant in the next room, or for a Dr Jones style escape to the bed sheets when a parent’s thumping footsteps roll towards the click-clack of a mechanical keyboard. Now you can carry on the grind with Fnatic Gear, because while you’re still playing at 2am with your new muted keys, the competition is busy in another country, hiding from their recently awoken house mate.

In addition to silent keys, added to the new design are two additional pass-thru USB ports, enhancing the functionality of the keyboard further. It answers the call of many consumers whose need for the extra accessibility has often been overlooked by leading brands.