Fort Meow, A Pillow Fort Physics Game – Out Meow

Fort Meow, a pillow-fort-based puzzle adventure from developer, Upper Class Walrus, and publisher, Surprise Attack Games, is now available for the iPad and PC.

Fort Meow tells the tale of Nia, a young girl who comes to visit her grandparents but finds an empty house. Discovering her grandfather’s journal in the dusty attic, Nia is suddenly faced by an onslaught of cats who seem desperate to stop her reading the book. Something cat-astrophic is clearly afoot.

Using furniture and items from around the house, the player must build a pillow fort to protect Nia from the cats. Each item has independent physics and special attributes and different cats require different strategies in fort building to defeat them. Players will need to keep that in mind as they explore the house to find new items and unravel the mysteries within the journal.

Out now on iPad and PC, Fort Meow combines an intriguing story with simple puzzle mechanics, and the internet’s favourite mascot.

· Physics-based pillow fort building utilising simple drag and drop controls
· Unravel the mysteries of your grandfather’s journal and learn more about the cats and your missing grandparents
· Face down the cat-aclysm and figure out the best strategies to defeat each of your feline assailants
· Over twenty unique items to find as your explore the manor, each with their own properties and abilities
· Out now for iPad and PC

Price: US $3.99 iPad/ $7.99 PC



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