My Free Zoo to go!

The renowned developer and publisher of popular browser games, upjers, has a huge surprise for My Free Zoo fans! The standalone app version of the zoo game is now available for Android devices!
Countless zoo directors have been waiting impatiently, and it’s finally time for them to breathe: the My Free Zoo Mobile app ( is now available in the Google Play Store. Now fans of the eponymous browser game by upjers can keep a virtual zoo on the go as well.

The My Free Zoo mobile app provides animal lovers with long-lasting gaming fun for your pocket. My Free Zoo mobile ( has a spectacular selection of adorable and exotic animals, as well as plenty of decorations for the visitors. The animations give the game its lively character – there’s always something new for players to discover!

Since the app is a completely independent, standalone game, existing browser game accounts can’t be linked to the app. But players that love My Free Zoo will be just as captivated by the mobile version.

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