Moanbej Studios releases Looking for Laika for iOS.

Looking for Laika is a side-scrolling platform adventure with a focus on gameplay and visual style.
Your intergalactic mission: follow the aliens and rescue your dog Laika!

The gameplay is based around the use of gravitational forces to jump and bounce from planet to planet.
Land on a surface and either stick to it or bounce along. Tap the screen to perform a jump and tap mid-air to activate an extra jetpack boost.
Overcome lots of puzzles, enemies and obstacles to be reunited with Laika again!

The artistic style of Looking for Laika is heavily influenced by the heydays of the Russian spacefaring program.
A pastel color palette that is easy on the eyes tries to compliment the abstract Russian Modernistic look. This results in a different, but original visual style.

Looking for Laika features:

• One-tap mechanism in a side-scrolling platformer,
• Well tweaked physics and mechanics,
• Modernistic graphics,
• An adventure and arcade mode,
• Global high scores and a reward system,
• A compelling story about friendship and loyalty.

Release date: 23-08-2015
Price: $ 0.99
Platform: iOS
Available on the App Store (available from 23-08-2015)

Gameplay video:

What others had to say:

“Game of the week” – Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper),
“Looking for Laika not just another mobile game” – 3rd Strike,
“Looking for Laika offers a distinctive art style” – Indie Game Mag,
“A low-poly platformer” – Pocket Gamer,
“Cool minimalistic look & unique controls” – Droidgamers,
“An interesting formula” – Xatak Android.

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