Bit By Bit Studios Releases Fiz: The Brewery Management Game Update and Sales Figures, Plus Announces Windows Phone Version

Bit By Bit Studios announced that the version 1.1 update for Fiz will be released today via the Apple App Store and Google Play. This update namely adds leaderboards, achievements, and cloud saving. Bug fixes and convenience features such as automatic pausing when not brewing are included as well. An update for the Amazon Appstore version is in progress.

Bit By Bit also announced official sales figures for the game in the 6 months since its December 12th, 2013 launch:

· Average 4.3 / 5 rating by games press and over 5,000 players.
· ~46,000 copies sold across all platforms.
· Google Play (Android): ~28,000
· Apple App Store (iOS): ~16,000
· Amazon Appstore (Android): ~2,000

Sean Sanders, the developer and designer of Fiz, attributes the success of Fiz to the long beta testing period and the support of its players and Kickstarter backers in shaping the final product.

“We play tested with over 50 players over a 6 month period before releasing Fiz, and since its release, we’ve listened closely to feedback and feature requests for future updates — even inviting players to upvote the features they’d most like to see,” noted Sanders. “All of this has enabled us to make a game that players truly enjoy, and I give all credit due to our friends and fans for helping us make Fiz into the game it is today.”

Shortly after the update is released, the $1.99 “launch sale” price of Fiz will end, and the price will change to $2.99.

“Six months is a really long time for a launch sale, and it’s our hope that players agree that a game with over 20 hours of gameplay is still worth the extra dollar,” said Sanders. “Since Fiz has no in-app purchases, it hasn’t made sense for us to spend money on user acquisition at the $1.99 price point, but at $2.99, we can afford to modestly experiment with paid user acquisition in various forms.”

“The success of Fiz has enabled us to stay in business and begin work on future games, which we’ll announce once we’re further along in the prototype process,” he added.

Bit By Bit Studios also revealed that a Windows Phone version of the game is in the works, due to release by the end of the summer.

About Fiz: The Brewery Management Game
Fiz is a 16 bit style single-player brewery management simulation game for Android® and iOS® mobile devices. You play as a homebrewing enthusiast who has quit your job in order to start a brewery. In the game, you make beer, sell beer, and upgrade your brewery in an effort to become an international beer sensation. Beer fans and gamers appreciate Fiz because it features realistic brewing processes and ingredients, yet remains approachable to those new to the world of beer.

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