The Quest Anniversary – Rubik’s Cube inspired puzzler comes to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

It’s a little odd how things tend to come full circle. The development of ‘The Quest’ was no different…

The original prototype was built in late 2010 while the founders of Guerilla Tea were still students on the Professional Masters course at Abertay University. It was developed for Windows Phone 7 and ultimately became a success story as a student project, garnering a lot of interest in academic circles, while also picking up a Creative Loop award in 2011.

From here, game was ported to iOS and Android, with expanded content for a full release in 2012. It became the debut original title from the now formed Scottish indie studio, Guerilla Tea.

Pocket Gamer praised the gameplay: “The Quest takes a well-known concept in the form of the Rubik’s puzzle and gives it a fresh new challenge by adding in the task of getting Steve to the mug of tea. In this respect, the game is something of a triumph – few puzzlers have grabbed us in quite the same manner.”

Fast forward 2 years…

Earlier this year, Guerilla Tea returned to ‘The Quest’ and gave the game a complete make-over, to mark the 2 year anniversary of the original release. This included a full re-skin along with an entire new world to solve. The re-mastered version went live on iOS and Android in March 2014.

148Apps stated “It’s an original idea built on top of a classic puzzle idea that’s still well-loved today.”

App City said “One thing is for sure, there’s plen-tea here to keep you, and Steve, going for hours.”

To neatly round off the whole story of The Quest’s development, the game is now returning to its original roots, and coming to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 under the name; ‘The Quest: Anniversary Edition’

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