OUYA today announced that DUCK GAME, the only local multiplayer combat game to feature a dedicated button for quacking, is now available on the OUYA store. Built single-handedly by Vancouver-based developer Landon Podbielski, DUCK GAME rekindles the joyous chaos of old-school local multiplayer gameplay with fast-paced PvP action for up to four players.

Check out the launch trailer for DUCK GAME here:

DUCK GAME is couch co-op in its purest and most ridiculous form, pitting combatants against each other in rapid-fire avian deathmatches. With quick individual rounds and infinite replay value, DUCK GAME gives players the chance to learn an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses before punishing them with bullets, lasers, rockets, grenades, swords, old-fashioned muskets, or sweet sweet saxophone serenades (and more). Behind DUCK GAME’s retro graphics and chiptune music are nuanced game mechanics that reward strategic play.

With 50 different arenas, more than two dozen weapons, and a level editing tool for players to build their own arenas, DUCK GAME is a must-have for the local multiplayer enthusiast.

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