Kiz Studios Releases Might & Mayhem Worldwide on iOS & Android

With shields ready and swords drawn, Kiz Studios unleashes Might & Mayhem, the first multiplayer mobile battle game built for the masses!

Featuring quick turn-based combat and simple character leveling, even casual players will have fun stomping through single player quests and smashing heads in live PvP battles. At the same time, veteran gamers will find dozens of fighters with unique abilities and game changing items, giving them the kind of in-depth customization they need to try out new combos, perfect their strategy and battle their way to the top.

“Our team has been living this game for a while now, but instead of getting burned out we still love to battle each other,” says Stephen Johnson, CCO, Kiz Studios. “It’s a deep game with simple mechanics that never takes itself too seriously. We just hope players have as much fun with it as we do.”

Might & Mayhem is cross platform, so iOS and Android users can battle each other and users can access the same account on both platforms.

JOIN THE MAYHEM! Might & Mayhem is free to download and available worldwide on iOS and Android.

Might & Mayhem features:
● Cross Platform Multiplayer (iOS VS Android)
● Live PvP Battles and Head-to-Head Friend Duels
● Single-Player Quests with Epic Boss Fights
● Upgradable Fighters with up to 3 Evolutions
● 100+ Equipment Items to Customize Fighters
● Single Player Events with New Fighter Unlocks

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