Octopus 8 Studios announces release of Oddlight on Android devices.

This evening, London based Octopus 8 studios revealed the release of their well received ‘persistent touch’ title Oddlight on the Google play store.

Chris Cox, the COO for Octopus 8 Studios said: “Our team on Oddlight – Daniel Hughes and Gustav Andreasson, have been working hard on this, and we’re all delighted to be able to announce the Android release. We can’t wait to share our game with a new audience.”

CEO Rich Barham, an industry veteran of Blizzard, ZeniMax, Riot and IO Interactive added “This move to release on Android devices is the most recent in a series of projects that O8S have in the works. We’re keeping with our core principles of working with upcoming talent to make great games. We hope you all love Oddlight, and watch for more from us, we’re very excited about the future!”

Octopus 8 Studios, recently named in the top 100 hottest European game start-ups, works with groups of young developers to help them bring games to market through working on the creative, production, marketing and publishing of games across multiple platforms.

Oddlight can be found on the Google Play Store here:

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