Galaga Wars is now available world-wide (Video)

Galaga Wars is a tribute to the golden age of arcade shoot-m- ups. The original Galaga, launched in 1981, was one of the biggest arcade hits of the time. With both critical acclaim and resounding commercial success, the game had players of all ages competing for the top score. Today, Bandai Namco brings this iconic title to mobile devices around the world!

From the onset, the Paladin team has been honoured to work on Galaga Wars. We used modern designs, visuals and technology to craft a beautiful game that stays true to the original IP. Our goal is to create beautiful games that feel great to play, and with Galaga Wars we hope to have achieved this ambition. After months of development, we are proud that Galaga Wars is now ready for global launch!
The game has come to fruition in close collaboration with the team from Bandai Namco Europe. We have worked with the original art assets and design documents, and this has allowed us to capture the essence of the original Galaga. From the bees to the scorpions, the treacherous tractor beam and twin ships – it’s all in there for you to experience.

The game is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.