Galaxy Combat Wargames Now On Steam Greenlight (Video)

Fork Particle Games announced their much anticipated online multiplayer PvP space shooter game “Galaxy Combat Wargames” for Windows PC. The game will be free to play and currently in beta stages. The game is now on Steam Greenlight. The studio plans to release the game in the second quarter of 2016.

About Galaxy Combat Wargames

Galaxy Combat Wargames is a fast-paced head to head multiplayer PvP space shooter where you engage in challenging and intense space combat matches against other fighters from around the world. Your spacecraft is equipped with deadly weapons to destroy the opponent and their base. Fighters with better combat skills and maneuvering strategy earn wins and rewards to reach higher ranks in the force. Galaxy Combat Wargames offers a thrilling fast-paced space combat experience with intuitive fun controls and third person camera that shows a true and immersive head to head view in 3D.

The Commander-in-Chief at Planet Dionos is conducting Wargames to prepare for operation Offensive Sting against enemy race Zoknocs who have threatened to attack. As a space commander your chance is to prove you are amongst the best by challenging other fighters to a space combat match. The winner gets a win point and reward coins which lead to higher ranks and enable you to upgrade weapons and spaceship skins. Commander in Chief Rog keeps a list of the top fighters.

Key Features:
•Battle against anyone around the world
•Face to Face online intense space combat in real time
•Fighter spaceships equipped with powerful weapons
•Responsive intuitive controls for fast paced maneuvers & strategic targeting
•Hi-quality graphics and engaging space environment
•Cool spaceship skins and space fighter helmets
•Global leaderboard showing list of top fighters

Steam Greenlight: