Gamblers welcome: High Noon 2 opens The Gulch Casino!

Happylatte launches version 1.5 of its mobile hit game High Noon 2 for iOS and Android. Most remarkable is the addition of a casino, where players can challenge other people from around the world to high stakes gambling matches. In addition to the already existing multiplayer gunslinging duels people can participate in, this further expands the depth and variety of the game.

“In addition to the casino,” begins Thorbjorn Olsen, Senior Product Manager at Happylatte, “this version also sees the birth of a stealing ladder and cinema. The latter allows people to earn Wampum (in-game currency) by watching video, instead of having to spend cash. It was a much requested feature and we’re happy to see the implementation in this release.”

Judging from the new features included in this update, there’s also a hint at what lies ahead in the near future. There’s an option included in this version to claim your own unique gang name, so that it’s yours when gangs come to High Noon 2 in 2014.
Besides all these new features, the 1.5 release includes numerous bug fixes and improved performance on all supported devices (which also includes the iPhone 4 since the last 1.4 update).

High Noon 2 is free to play and available on both iOS and Android in 3D. The original High Noon game was the #1 top grossing app in 20 countries and has been downloaded more than 12 million times. Download High Noon 2 now from the iTunes App or Google Play store.

About High Noon 2
Duel in real time with people around the globe to become famous as the world’s most wanted outlaw! Win duels, collect reward money and customize your character in this beautifully crafted western epic. Build your reputation and then protect your status as the bounty on your head attracts deadly competition from around the globe! Available for free download on both Android and iPhone. You can also find High Noon 2 on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

About Happylatte
Founded in 2008, Happylatte is on a journey to build the perfect mobile game; a game that packs intense social experiences into tiny screens, and delivers virtual worlds into your hand. Our games are free-to-play and massively multiplayer social games that perfectly fits the modern mobile phones.

The journey has so far led to several top 1 chart-busting titles, with 10+ million downloads and millions of monthly active users and fans.

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