Announcing that the first ever celebrity based drag racing mobile game is out in the market, Hungama in collaboration with Gameshastra takes pride in presenting the John Abraham – Drag Racer. The game is a drag racing game which accentuates John’s passion for speed and his love for bikes. The game puts the player into John’s shoes (and his clothes and his bikes and his sunglasses and his helmets etc.) and enables the player to live life, a quarter mile at a time, emphasizing on Bollywood macho man John Abraham’s love for mean machines, especially the ones on two-wheels. In fact, John’s first major matinee success saw him zooming past cops aboard the fastest production motorcycle of the time, Suzuki Hayabusa. John also has an envious personal collection of motorcycles and has owned a range of bikes.

Now, you can also live the John Abraham experience though “John Abraham – Drag Race” game, this game will make you feel the 1000cc, 4 cylinder monster roaring beneath you, waiting for you to unleash the racer in you and take the tracks in the John Abraham Style. The game play enables the players to race in dynamic conditions using state of the art bikes to conquer various difficulty levels. The game is divided into 10 stages, taking the player through the journey from starting as a Stock rookie to a full blown Top Dragster, taking the player through stages like Hot Rod and Eliminator. Every stage has 10 different difficulty levels, which are progressively unlocked upon conquering the previous opponent.

The game play is designed around a simple philosophy. Race, Earn, Shop, Upgrade, Repeat. The available bikes range from mighty cruisers to mean dragsters. In the game, the players will be able to live the fast life of John Abraham and buy new bikes as they face tougher courses and faster opponents. Different bikes come with different power to weight ratio, acceleration, road grip and control, so choosing the bike wisely is the key to success.

Apart from bikes, players can buy other upgrades too, such as:

Engines : Higher Power Output
Turbo Chargers: Ensures right air-fuel mixture for smoother acceleration
Transmission: Efficiently delivers power to the wheelbase
Power Commanders: Regulates optimum fuel quantity
Nitrogen Oxide Systems: Wipe that smile of your opponents face
Wheels: Better road grip, faster drives
Frame: Lighter frames, more speed
Clothes and accessories: What’s power when you can’t show it off with style

The game is now live on the app stores

iOS App Store
Google Play Store

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