The Power Game out now on Windows 8 & Surface

Atom Split Games, Brian McCarthy Games and Scraggly Dog Games are proud to announce that The Power Game is now available on Windows 8 and RT devices in English, French, German, Dutch and Polish. A digital reboot of the popular 1970’s board game that sold over 4,000,000 copies, players across the world can compete against each other in this challenging two-player strategy game. Both free and paid versions of the game are available.

The game is one for all ages, and is simple to learn, but hard to master. Both players have eight cogs, and must move their cogs around the board in an effort to link up their cogs, and turn their opponents master gear clockwise. Players can link up their own cogs, or use the gears of their opponent against them, meaning that players have to think hard about their move – will moving there mean that they will lose on the next turn?

The Power Game comes in two forms, as a paid app without ads, or a free version featuring advertising, an. includes optional micro-transactions to allow players to purchase additional backgrounds and cogs to customise their gameplay experience. Players can also earn the in-game currency by winning online matches, ensuring that the game is free-to-play for all. The game is also one of the first to feature a “shock-proof” microtransactions model, allowing players to buy a one off purchase to disable additional purchases, and give unlimited bolts. This family-friendly model gives parents a way to avoid bill-shock situations, sometimes seen in other games.

Commenting on the launch of the game, Brian McCarthy, the game’s inventor, said “It’s exciting to finally have the game available to play again, and I’m confident that the gameplay is just as challenging now, as it was back when I invented The Power Game in 1975”. James Daly, CEO of the game’s developer Atom Split Games said “It’s been a long six months developing the game, but we feel we have put together a fun game which will really get players thinking, and are delighted that it’s finally out in the Windows Store.”

The Power Game is out for Windows 8 and Surface devices in English, French, German, Dutch and Polish. It is coming soon in Italian, Hindi and Chinese, and in all languages on Windows Phone.

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