Game It Forward’s Quingo Now Available!

Game It Forward’s Quingo – a free-to-play, fun, and light-hearted combination of trivia and bingo – is now available for iPad. Quingo is a fresh take on trivia, featuring a sizable library of questions, each with five correct answers hidden amongst twenty incorrect answers. Some of the incorrect answers are designed to trip players up, others are included to get a chuckle. The correct answers for each question range in difficulty, making every question engaging for players of all skill levels.

Players earn money for their favorite causes just by playing Quingo. They select a charity project to play for, and Game It Forward shares the revenue from advertising and in-app purchases with its charity partners to fund those projects. At launch, players can support projects from one of six top-notch charities: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Kiva, PAWS, Seattle Children’s, Splash, and The Martinez Foundation.

“We want to make sure our players can see the concrete results of their contributions, so we worked hard with our charity partners to define specific projects that will receive the funds,” says Morgan Belford, Game It Forward Co-Founder. “To that end, players can see how much they’ve contributed and how well each project is doing.”

Seasoned game designer Brandon Bozzi started Game It Forward to create games that are fun-first, and also happen to make the world a better place. This inspiration propelled Brandon to spend the last nine months growing the concept, building the team, and assembling the charity partners.

Quingo originated at the Game It Forward Summit last year, a ground-breaking collaboration between passionate social-change agents and some of the most talented game designers in the industry. Bozzi’s thinking that inspired the summit, “What if I paired talented game designers with people passionately working for social change? The games that come from this collaboration could be world-changing.”

People worldwide spend three billion hours a week playing games. If those games donated just one penny an hour, they could raise $30 million a week for people in need. Co-founder Bozzi comments, “We’re excited to enable people to help causes they believe in simply by playing a game they enjoy.”

Game It Forward plans to bring on new charity partners, add new questions and features, and expand Quingo to other platforms throughout the next twelve months.

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