Gamevice brings headphone jack to iPhone 7 … and superior gaming experience

Gamevice – the only Apple approved, Lightning connected game controller for latency free gameplay – has released its next generation controller. The second generation of Gamevice controller for iPhone has been upgraded with new buttons and thumbsticks designed to be even more playable.
As well as adding a headphone jack to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it also features a Lightning port for charging the phone while in use at home or on the go. The new Gamevice for iPhone controller will officially be available from Apple on 31st January 2017 for £89.99.
The 2nd generation Gamevice for iPhone is a refinement of the original design. Updates include:
●      It’s lighter. The iPhone now powers Gamevice, meaning that it doesn’t need its own battery. What’s more, it draws no more power than headphones do.
●      It’s got Lightning. Out goes USB port, in comes a Lightning port – meaning that you can charge your iPhone and your Gamevice at the same time.
●      It’s ‘thumbier’. The thumb sticks have been upgraded to be more ergonomic and comfortable, giving improved control.
●      Full support for iPhone 7. Gamevice for iPhone now supports every iPhone since iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Its patented design turns your iPhone into a mobile video game console.
With Gamevice, you get the perfect mix of console-quality controls for your favorite mobile games. After all, the best gaming device is the one you can take anywhere.