Gang Nations brings turf war to the App Store

Gamers – get ready to polish your baseball bats and buff your knuckle dusters as Independent game developer Playdemic today launched its combat strategy brawler Gang Nations on the App Store for iPad and iPhone. A unique Molotov cocktail of base building, tower defense and endearingly explosive cartoon violence, Gang Nations puts the player in the heart of a City in which they must build up their Hood and hire a Crew before going on epic raids against other players in intense multiplayer gang battles.

Gang Nations new combat system means that players no longer wait around to recruit troops for each raid but instead can deploy their troops live in battle. Players are no longer restricted to a method of employing a ‘single load-out’ and finding a base to match but can instead respond to battles in real time placing the number and type of troops. Gang Nation’s adjustable road system also enables players to rearrange the paths around their base along which the enemy must travel, giving them the ability to increase defenses and funnel invaders through corridors of death manned by artillery, snipers and machine gunners.

Gang Nations further pops a cap firmly in the ass of the opposition with its fully integrated social network in which players are able ‘Friend’ others and create multiple custom chat-rooms so they don’t need to leave the game to organise themselves. Players can chat directly with other players allowing them to talk to their feeder gang leaders or follow a player who they want to recruit. Gang Nations also finally fixes that huge frustration for so many lovers of the genre by allowing players to battle their friends so that they can launch raids regardless of a friend’s level and then be placed within a leaderboard comprised only of their friends to see how they measure up.

Please Note: No Gang members were hurt in the making of this game

Key Features:

● Build your Hood and carry out raids on enemies (and Friends!) for loot and respect
● A perfect mix of humour, fun, charm and explosive violence – crime has never been so much fun!
● Recruit cool gang members to your Crew: Baseball-bat wielding Hoodlum, Pistol-packing Shooter and Molotov-throwing Firestarter
● Innovative NEW adjustable road system for guiding enemy troops into your defenses
● Deploy troops into battle in real time – no more waiting around to recruit troops or create pre-existing loadouts
● Enhanced by Metal for jaw-dropping visual FX’s to create the most visceral battles seen in the genre
● Includes a fully featured social network that players & clan lovers crave including multiple custom chat-rooms and a unique Social Hub for the latest news.

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