Ghosts of Memories – a game you always wanted to play

Challenging quests, intriguing story, beautifully crafted hand-drawn graphics, and completely innovative approach to puzzle adventure game genre – finally you can get it all, and much, much more, in one game. Ghosts of Memories is here!

A lone wanderer finds a mysterious scepter that holds the power to travel across dimensions. Will you take up the challenge and guide the hero through mazes of intertwined worlds as he embarks on a journey to save another lone soul reaching out for help? Who knows, what you will learn of her story as you’ll be travelling through mystical realms filled with ancient riddles?

Not just another puzzle
Ghosts of Memories is an adventure game for iOS and Android, with core mechanics based on puzzle elements and interaction with the surrounding worlds. Each level revolves around fulfilling a list of tasks in order to find the way to a key element allowing the player to complete a level.

But what differs it from the competitors is its approach to riddlesolving. Most of the levels consist of two intertwined worlds, where actions in one world affect the other. Certain spots on the map allow you to travel between the two worlds because sometimes in order to move forward you have to go back.

“Each riddle was designed separately and game worlds are diversified as well. Environmental designs refer to nature, astral cult and Persian civilization, to name a few. We did everything we could to make the art both stunningly beautiful and practical at the same time, so that the players can enjoy these exotic worlds while still being able to easily navigate through the vast assortment of game mechanics”, says Aleksander Lusina from Paplus Games.

Raising standards
Ghosts of Memories has been already acclaimed as an heir to Monument Valley (best iPad game of the year 2014) it’s been widely compared to. Thanks to stunning graphics, exclusively composed music and gameplay model implemented, it represents even higher standards in terms of story-telling and atmosphere-building. You guide the hero in a tap to move mode and the game is shown in a 2.5D isometric perspective that combines the details of a 2D artwork approach with many of the functionalities of a 3D environment.

“What’s the most important, Ghosts of Memories offers satisfying difficulty level – the riddles are challenging just enough to keep the player busy, but every problem can be worked out and every riddle can be solved, although sometimes you’ll just need to spend a bit more time to discover the answer”, says Aleksander.

Why you’ll love it
If you loved Monument Valley, then Paplus Games’ Ghosts of Memories is a “must have” game for you! Intuitive steering, beautiful design, outstanding riddles and intriguing storyline – these are the advantages of this game, to name just a few. There’s neither violence nor fighting in the game, so it’s basically a game for everyone. Even for Frank Underwood, who will surely ditch Monument Valley for Ghosts of Memories in the next season of House of Cards.

Take up the challenge yourself and find out how you stack up against Ghosts of Memories’ riddles! Still in doubt?

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