Gin Rummy Lite for Android

Card Games : Gin Rummy Lite gives the players the real joy and feel of playing Gin Rummy at the comforts of their own home.
Rockstar Whale Studios is proud to announce the arrival of its free card matching Gin Rummy game. After getting some great success on IOS, we proudly present our Card Games : Gin Rummy Lite for Android as well. This new game integrates cutting edge technology and interface to offer best gaming experience to the users. The rule of the game is simple and straightforward, form your deck of cards in sets and runs before your opponent and win.
Rockstar Whale Studios is an innovative mobile game studio who have developed the massively popular card games for IOS. The addition of Android version of Gin Rummy Lite will allow our Android users to hone their card matching skills further on all the Android devices. Start with Classic Gin Rummy, then move forward to Straight, Oklahoma and Hollywood styles of Rummy.
Gin Rummy Lite is now available on both iTunes App Store and Google Play. You’re playing against the computer in “Card Games : Gin Rummy Lite” in offline mode. Each player get 10 cards, the remaining deck of cards is placed in front of you on the table. One card in put face up besides the deck to start the game. You must start the game by drawing one card, you can either draw the top card from the deck or the top card from the discard pile. After drawing a card you must discard one card from your hand. The game continues like this until any of the two players form his cards into sets and runs. There are some differences in playing a straight, Oklahoma or Hollywood rummy but the basics are same in all of them.
Key Features:
• Four rummy variations to play, choose from gin rummy classic, Oklahoma, straight and Hollywood gin
• Set difficulty level at your own convenience from easy, medium or hard
• It’s free and you can play it while remaining offline
• Gin rummy rules and help available
• Universal app, works best on any Android device including tabs
• Simple and eye catchy graphics
• User stats and scores available
This all-new card matching gin rummy game comes with HD graphics, sound and game play. Card Games : Gin Rummy Lite is sleek, challenging & feature rich to provide players with a great rummy experience.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. This rummy game is free for all users and you can play it offline as well.