Gloria Victis, New trailer shows off some fresh animations (Video)

Over the last weeks we were working hard to implement fully reworked combat and movement animations. They are made by Jakub Kisiel, who is best known from his work for numerous acclaimed games, including Gears of War and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, where he was animating Geralt himself. New animations are looking great and they will insanely improve the combat experience! A lot is yet to be done, as there will be almost 200 animations for each weapon type, but we have just released a new trailer showing some of the new work-in-progress animations. Enjoy watching!

Moreover, in order to implement new animations we had to replace and optimize model of the player character. In effect it will become much more detailed and optimized at the same time. Thanks to rework of the character’s model, which almost complete, we will also be able to implement playable female characters soon.

With reworked model of the player character, new character creation system will come to life! One of the biggest changes will be addition of questions a player will have to answer, therefore writing personal story of their avatar and having impact on the starting archetype, which will be picked basing on their choices. Players will also be able to design their personal coats of arms.

Meanwhile we are reworking our database system. It will not only greatly improve communication between database and servers and solve numerous issues, but also greatly improve game and servers performance, stability of database-servers communication and certanity that no problems will occur in future. More than half of the game mechanics has already been moved to the new system.