OK Golf coming soon on Android mobiles and tablets

Playdigious, the mobile publisher of the hit indie games Mini Metro and Evoland, and okidokico, the suitably named developers behind the gorgeous OK Golf, are thrilled to announce that the beautiful diorama style golf game OK Golf will be hitting tees on Android mobiles and tablets soon.

OK Golf is a totally zen golf experience with a stunning aesthetic and simple touch controls already available on the App Store. Golfing veterans and non-golfers alike will enjoy one of the most accessible and charming golf experience on mobiles where things are utterly minimal. Take a vacation on bite-sized and handcrafted golf courses inspired by classic golf destinations and more exotic locations such as Japan and Hawaii.

Don’t worry about ball spin mechanics or your club selection, simply tap, drag and release to make the ball fly in one of the three playable game modes. OK Golf will offer five courses at launch, with new diorama style destinations added regularly for free over time.

OK Golf is a full sensory experience with splendid and vibrant dioramas that are an invitation to dream and travel. Easy to learn with plenty of secret holes to discover, OK Golf gives all players the unique opportunity to play golf at its simplest in beautiful and relaxing miniature courses.

The essence of golf refined to at tee will be released on Google Play in a couple of weeks.