Grand Ages: Medieval will test Mac players (Video)

Aspiring emperors – ready yourselves for epic battles, cunning diplomacy and relentless conquest. Kalypso Media today announces that grand strategy fans will soon be able lead their people to greatness on their Mac as Grand Ages: Medieval will be available to purchase via Steam on 20th April. Following the hugely successful launches on Windows PC and the PlayStation®4 system, Grand Ages: Medieval will test Mac players’ strategic minds as they advance through the High Middle Ages by utilising construction, research, expansion and conquest in an area extending from Scandinavia and North Africa; to Portugal, the Caucasus and the Middle East.

•For a more in depth look at Grand Ages: Medieval take a look one of the developer livestreams

•View the Grand Ages: Medieval PC launch trailer

Grand Ages: Medieval for Mac will be available to purchase via Steam on 20th April for £29.99/€39.99/$39.99. The Limited Special Edition boxed version of Grand Ages: Medieval is available Worldwide now for Windows PC and PlayStation®4, and via digital distribution for Windows PC and SteamOS. A Windows PC version is also available via the Kalypso Launcher. The PlayStation®4 digital version is available from the PlayStation® Store.

About Grand Ages: Medieval:
It is the year 1050 AD. At the beginning of the High Middle Ages development in Europe has seen an unprecedented level of progress as a rapidly growing population spreads across the length and breadth of the continent. New frontiers are being explored, settlements founded and vast trading routes established. As the head of one of these small settlements, it falls upon you to lead your people towards greatness. Explore a vast world, gather resources, encounter other societies and use your trading expertise to expand and make your fortune. Found new cities, progress your nation with inventive technology and protect your trade routes against barbarian attacks until you are powerful enough to begin your conquest over Europe and forge a bold new empire.

Features of Grand Ages: Medieval
•Explore a gigantic game world of over 20 million square kilometres, plot strategically where to found important cities and defend your kingdom against foreign powers
•Raise an army and fight your opponents with knights, archers and cavalry
•Produce and trade 20 different goods to meet the demands of your citizens and soldiers: such as coal, fruits and pottery
•Research and utilise 50 major technological advancement of the Middle Ages: including the three-field crop rotation, the low warp loom or the longbow
•Face devastating natural disasters like storms, fires, volcanoes, droughts, earthquakes… or even the Black Death
•Challenging Multiplayer Mode for up to 8 players