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Gravity Ride is arcade spaceship control simulator (Video)

Gravity Ride is arcade spaceship control simulator that could help wannabe spaceship pilots to learn the way to use gravity in travel through the space.

The objective of the game is to harvest a precious space minerals. The minerals are ready to be gathered or need to be created out of asteroids collision. With realistically calculated gravity force and limited fuel player need to learn to use sophisticated trajectories, e.g. stationary circle or parabolic trajectory, to gather or create minerals.

Player starts as a cadet in spaceship academy and goes a long way to master pilot that easily doges enemy missiles. The game could be a great place to learn about gravity (much more fun than a classroom) for anyone who ever dreamed or planning to be a space pilot. The game will provide a good sense of the tasks that space pilot have to accomplish, i.e. go through certain points in the space with minimal fuel consumed, avoiding external threats (asteroids and enemies).

And it gives a trivia of space pilot life like spaceship academy tuition debt, greed of mineral harvest corporation that gets almost all of your minerals and sends it to the Great Republic. Which in turn use minerals to sustain war with enemies ready to shoot you any time you pass by their planet…

Gameplay is challenging and the player have an opportunity to crash spaceship over:

– planet surface
– asteroid
– enemy rocket
– Or gone to outer space with no fuel.

Upcoming features of the game:
– levels with new threats (alien ships, pirates, space radiation etc.)
– new weapons and power-ups (asteroid cutter, shield, autopilot etc.)
– multiplayer
– launch iOs app

The game is free (optional in-app purchases are planned)