Quote, a darkly comic action role playing game (Video)

Quote, a darkly comic action role playing game that tasks you with ridding the world of knowledge and bringing about an age of total, unquestioning stupidity, is available now on Steam Early Access.

Early access players can experience the first two, beautifully hand-painted chapters of Quote, as well as the endless new adventures of its procedurally-generated Infinite Library mode.

Inspired by classic literature and surrealist art, Quote puts players in control of Novella, the high priestess of Bliss, god of Ignorance. She and her book-gobbling avian sidekick Tatters are on a crusade to scour all wisdom, learning and literature from the face of the planet. A world free from facts, truth and knowledge is, after all, a safe and happy world.

Featuring fully-voiced narration, over 40 unlockable abilities and a compelling blend of action and deduction, Quote is a dark, witty and explosive journey through a beautiful but ravaged world.

Quote pays loving tribute to literary legends including Vonnegut, Hemingway, Carter and Borges, by way of asking you to destroy everything they ever stood for. It’s for the greater good, you see.

“2017 seems an appropriate time to be launching a game about a world in which truth and knowledge have been eradicated,” explains Vindit founder Robin Lacey. “We’ve been building Quote for over two years already, working hard to make something very special – a unique world and story, all clad in darkly delicious, hand-drawn art. We’re so excited that people are finally about to see what we’ve been up to.”

Quote is available to purchase for the discounted price of $14.99/£11.99 via Steam. A 15% launch discount will be available for a limited time only. The game will automatically update with new features and content as development continues. Early Access users will also be able to help shape the future of Quote.

The finished version of Quote is due for release in late 2017, and will feature even more hand-drawn chapters and new abilities that complete Novella’s odyssey of ignorance.