Quote – A new action RPG (Video)

Vindit is proud to unveil Quote, a beautifully-illustrated action RPG inspired by classic literature and surrealist art.

Knowledge has been eradicated. All that remains are fragments. The written word is sin and Bliss – the God of Ignorance – reigns supreme.

But for how long? Someone is trying to sully this utopia with wicked wisdom. Find them.

As Novella, priestess of Bliss, you must purify the world of knowledge. Bludgeon the thoughts from the heretics heads, burn every book, kill every author. It’s the only way to save the world from itself.

You’re not alone. Your mysterious avian sidekick, Tatters, is here to help. With an insatiable hunger for the blasphemous, feed it well and your powers will grow.

Dish out divine retribution with over 20 unlockable powers allowing you to brawl and sneak your way across a corrupted world. Find quotes from and homages to the scope and span of literature, destroy books, trap and devour heretical authors.

With a lavish spoken narrative throughout, written by Alec Meer and Dan Griliopoulos (No Man’s Sky, Rock Paper Shotgun), Quote features seven striking and fantastical hand-drawn chapters based around the ashes of a purged culture.

After two years in development, Quote will launch on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac Winter 2016. A full release will follow in 2017.