Gripping simulation adventure COAST GUARD released today

German publisher astragon and Bavarian developer Reality Twist are pleased to announce that after 18 months in development their latest project Coast Guard, a stunning mix of simulation and adventure, has released today via STEAMÒ and other digital download platforms priced at £14.99/€19.99.

In Coast Guard players take on the role of Finn Asdair, a charismatic and committed coast guard officer. In a story-driven mix of simulation and adventure game Asdair, together with his crew, will face a variety of challenging rescue and crime fighting missions on board their rescue vessel Daniel Defoe. Faced not only with rough seas but also a complex criminal case that quickly evolves in to a far-reaching conspiracy, Asdair, along with his crew members including lead investigator Colman Bauers and forensic specialist Larry LaBouche, will go on an adventure filled journey as they attempt to thwart their criminal opponents through skillful interrogations and hard-won forensic evidence.

Featuring story elements written over a year ago and that by unfortunate coincidence reflect the tragic refugee crisis currently engulfing Europe, Asdair and his crew will tackle human traffickers in the game as well as trying to rescue refugees trying to make their way to better lives. A real-life tragedy that astragon Sales & Services as distributor take very seriously and do not wish to trivialize in any way, the company has pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from the game’s initial sales to a worthy cause as Reinhard Vree, Head of Product Management explains. “As a company, we have previously supported the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service through donations made from the sales of our last ship simulation game Ship Simulator: Maritme Search and Rescue. We would like to continue this philosophy and donate 1 Euro from every copy sold of Coast Guard to a wonderful charity doing fantastic work in GamingAid4Refugees.”

The gameplay trailer can be viewed at

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