Guardian Hunter: Super Brawl RPG is Now Available in Both App Stores!

NHN Entertainment announced that it has launched the 3D Action RPG called Guardian Hunter: Super Brawl RPG in US Apple App Store and Google Play.

Developed by Troll Games, Guardian Hunter gives the players total control over their party of heroes as they hack and slash their way through dozens of dungeons, brawl mythical bosses, and traverse traps and dangers like the adventures you’d expect from an arcade action cabinet.

Collect over 330 types of guardians from cute animal companions to battle-hardy heros. Raise characters through the ranks by enhancing their skills and weapons while crushing foes in special dungeons and crushing fools in the PVP arena. With 330 guardians to choose from, you can create whatever fighting force fits your playstyle!

With five total areas and fifty stages revealed so far, each stage provides three different difficulty levels and three different tiers of rewards. Other than Adventure Mode where players clear stages and reach the boss of the level, Guardian Hunter provides a deeper RPG experience with different game modes:
▲Endless Dungeon – A ranked competition between players.
▲Arena – PVP battle stage.
▲Boss Raids – Which are crucial to collecting empowering runes.
▲Guild Boss Raid – All guild members can participate in order to obtain useful weapons, armor, and runes.

Guardian Hunter also provides Daily Dungeons with different rewards every day and regional Premium Dungeons for players endless enjoyment.

Everyone who completes the tutorial can obtain one Guardian Summon Scroll, which gives the players a chance to get a rare guardians up to ★6.

– Title: Guardian Hunter: Super Brawl RPG
– OS:Android / iOS
– Pricing:Free (In App Purchase)
– Genre: Action, RPG
– Language: English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean
– Developer: Troll Games

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