First Tropico, then – the world! ‘Paradise Lost’ add-on available now on Xbox 360 and Mac

‘Paradise Lost’, the second add-on bundle pack for Tropico 5, launches today on the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Games Store and via an in-app purchase for the Mac App Store version, serving up three thrilling scenarios complete with new buildings and additional avatar accessories. In Surfs Up! El Presidente must look to the dolphins to save the world from an intergalactic menace. Then, get in touch with your humanitarian side in Gone Green and transform Tropico into a sustainable paradise by making use of clean energy sources. But if all this nobility gets too much for you, then you can instead help El Prez seize ultimate power in Supervillain, becoming the world’s most dangerous ruler and achieving global domination. Also included in Paradise Lost are three swinging new music tracks and three new maps for each game mode.

Check out a selection of screenshots for Tropico 5 ‘Paradise Lost’ for a look at all the new features on offer. Alongside new scenarios, dictators can further develop their islands with new buildings, explore three new maps and enhance the visual appearance of their avatars and dynasties with fun (and diabolical) new accessories.

Features of the ‘Paradise Lost’ add-on bundle:
•combines three add-on packs: Surf’s Up, Gone Green and Supervillain
•3 new standalone scenarios with original stories and objectives
•3 new buildings for all game modes: Wind Farm, Dolphinarium and Giant Laser
•3 new dynasty avatar accessories: Hippie-Hair, Diving Mask and Evil Stache
•3 new sandbox maps: Isabella, Qualichi and Isla del Pescado
•3 new music tracks and additional voice recordings

The ‘Paradise Lost’add-on bundle for Tropico 5 is out today for Xbox 360 via the Xbox Games Store and the Mac App Store for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99.

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