Guardian Stone has opened a Beta Sign-Up sheet for interested Android users

TOAST, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, today announced that Guardian Stone has started accepting sign-ups to the mobile RPG game of the year! If you’re an Android user who loves RPGs, you must sign up today! Enter your information and be the first to enter the rich fantasy world!

Guardian Stone, developed by Delusion Studios and soon to be published by TOAST, is an adventure RPG mobile game where the user plays as one of the classic dungeon-crawling heroes flanked by a team of warrior spirits called Guardians.

Guardian Stone, a 2014 Unity nominee for Best 3D Visual Experience, takes you on an amazing journey through dense demon-filled forests, across vast glacial mountains, and around the heart of a dying volcano. Control one of three unique Heroes (the Warrior, the Ranger, or the Sorceress) as you fight to uncover the mystery surrounding the elusive Guardian Stones.

You’ll collect more warriors, level them and your hero up, and take down armies of goblin and orc minions before demolishing rampaging tree-ents in the forests, wild wendigo monsters, and the four dragons of utter evil. Join the early adopters, give us valuable feedback and win exclusive Guardians to start your adventure on the right foot for when the game releases in early Spring 2015!


■ Key Facts
•Title: Guardian Stone
•Genre: RPG, Adventure
•OS (Release Date): Android, iOS (early Spring 2015)
•Pricing: Free (in-app purchase)
•Audience: Mobile RPG
•Developer: Delusion Studios
•Publisher: TOAST

■ Key Features
• Cinematic Mobile Adventure
• Direct your Heroes and Guardians with a single tap!
• Choose from three distinct Heroes: the Ranger, the Warrior, and the Mage
• Summon powerful Guardians to join you in battle against classic fantasy monsters
• Play through the epic adventure from raggedy commoner to glorious hero!
• Forge your own brand of legendary loot!
For more information about ‘Guardian Stone’ and TOAST, please visit its official website. (CBT Sign-Up Form) (Facebook) (Teaser) (Twitter) (TOAST Website, publishing platform brand of NHN USA)

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