Halloween Shapes for Babies!

Developer McPeppergames ( www.mcpeppergames.com ) new game “Halloween Shapes for Babies – A game for fearless toddlers” is now available worldwide in the Apple App Store as a universal app.

The game aimed at kids age 0 to 5 years features a lot of Halloween related levels and graphics.

What makes the game stand out from similar apps is the high quality of the content. It has great graphics and music and a lot of cool sound effects and animations. The game is not scary and kids will love the funny content and learning about shapes, sizes and colors while playing. Also the game features Halloween related illustrations, like ghosts, pumpkins and a spooky setting the app also contains basic forms, letters and numbers and has a high educational value which will make it a top pick for kids all over the world and all through the year.
“Halloween Shapes for Babies” is available as a full premium version or a free lite testversion for parents and kids who want to play some of the functions before buying the full game. The lite versions contains one In-App Purchase option behind a parental gate to unlock the full premium version.

“Halloween Shapes for Babies” is the game each Halloween Kids Party needs!

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