Healer’s Quest Best Youtube Moments Trailer (Video)

Healer’s Quest, the management-RPG in which you solely play as the healer of a crappy team of adventurers, brings to the light his « Best Youtube Moments » trailer. Take a look and see how frantic and challenging the game can be!

Healer’s Quest has been Greenlit in just 8 days, and is planned to release on Steam (PC) at the end of 2016.

A Kickstarter campaign is still running for a few days and will end on May 6th.

Game description :
Healer’s Quest is a Management RPG in which you play solely as the healer of a crappy team of adventurers. The game is widely inspired by multiplayer online games and makes fun of situations which commonly arise in them. Your allies are suicidal n00bs and you can expect them to rush head first in desperate combats, then blame you if you let them die.

As you solely control the healer, your goal during the frantic real-time combats will be to manage several resources (allies’ health, mana, heat gauge, spells, equipment, upgrades, …) to ensure victory for your team. You will have to master 18 different spells, all widely customizable using skill trees, and learn to deal with numerous enemies, bosses and abnormal states.

The game comes with advanced character customization options and even asks you to choose your karma : Good, Evil or Victim. Each karma leads to completely different in-game dialogs and karma powers.

Healer’s Quest’s Kickstarter campaign is currently running, and will end on Friday the 6th of May. You can download an extended playable demo on the Kickstarter page of the game.

Features :
•Unique and colored hand-painted graphical style
•Healer-focused gameplay!
•Choose your karma : Good, Evil or Victim
•Find loot and collect 100 unique items
•Use mind-blowing skill trees to customize your spells