Heroes Wanted, was launched in North America (Video)

NHN Studio629 announced today that its new in-house developed quest RPG, called Heroes Wanted, was launched in North America. It supports thirteen languages including English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Thai, Indonesian, German, French, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.

Heroes Wanted adopted the ‘Wanted Criminal’ concept onto the game and its players can foster their own characters by completing ‘Wanted’ quests in this ‘Quest RPG’. It had revealed its well-organised storyline, mesmerizing characters and new quest-oriented fostering system via pre-registration promotion from 29th Jan. Thanks to its unique contents that differentiated itself from the pack, it secured 800,000 pre-registered players globally.

*Quest-oriented fostering system: It provides various fostering system including 10,000 ‘Wanted Criminal’ quests, 320 story stages, daily dungeons and Barrier Tower. Its fostering system is not based on NHN Studio629’s storyline which was set beforehand. Rather, players enjoy their own unique battles via quests they acquired, among 10,000 different quests, during gameplay.
*Strategic Play: Players can use their own strategies, using Rune and Element properties. How and where players equip the Runes will differentiate the ability of mercenaries and the five different element properties (Forest, Water, Fire, Dark, and Light) allow players maximize the attack ability.
*Tactic Play: Players can control their characters manually. By dragging character skill icon to the battle area, players can control the direction and range of the skill freely. Enemies attack players from one direction or from several sections and these manual tactic plays will put a new complexion on battles.

Heroes Wanted started four in-game promotions to celebrate the launch and to support players.

Consecutive and cumulative log-in promotions provide players items according to their log-in status. When players access to the game every day for 7 days, they can receive rewards. According to the number of cumulative days they access to the game, players can receive rewards for max. 50 days. Also, it started level completion promotion, where players can get four special rewards when they level up their characters to certain levels, and Bingo promotion, where players receive rewards when they complete Bingo by completing missions. Those who participate and complete all the promotions can receive total of 300 gems as rewards.

n Title: Heroes Wanted
n OS:Android / iOS
n Pricing:Free (In App Purchase)
n Release Date: March 11 2016
n Genre: Action, RPG
n Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean, Indonesian, Thai, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (supports total of 13 languages)
n Developer/Publisher: NHN Studio629