Time to Climb! Upwards, Lonely Robot Out Now (Video)

Kasedo Games and Random Layers are excited to announce that the puzzle platformer Upwards, Lonely Robot is out now on Windows PC worldwide via Steam. Easy to play but difficult to master, Upwards, Lonely Robot is set to push your platforming skills to the limit as you ascend a series of increasingly-challenging towers – dodging robots, spikes and traps along the way in the search for your human creators.

The release of Upwards, Lonely Robot is accompanied by a launch trailer showing off the ‘one more go’ gameplay in all it’s colourful, finger-twisting glory. Also shown in this trailer for the first time are the double jump, high jump and teleport abilities that will help you reach even loftier heights. Whether you’re playing by yourself in the story, ‘climber’ or ‘infinite’ modes or challenging your friends via local split-screen or online multiplayer, the pillar-jumping, fruit-collecting action is certain to keep you climbing as fervently as the eponymous android itself!

About Upwards, Lonely Robot

In Upwards, Lonely Robot, you are the eponymous android tasked with ascending a series of towers in the search for your scientist creators as they attempt to rectify an experiment gone horribly wrong.

Each tower climbed unlocks a little more behind the mystery – with plenty of finger-twisting jumps and vicious enemies to overcome along the way. Not only that, but players must complete each level with an increasingly-challenging countdown timer putting them under even more pressure.

Simple to play but difficult to master, Upwards, Lonely Robot combines addictive ‘one more go’ gameplay with quirky and endearing art direction and an intriguingly cryptic story to bring you a gaming experience unlike any other.

Features of ‘Upwards, Lonely Robot’
•The vertical trial game that you’ve been waiting for! Who needs to go horizontal when you can go vertical?
•Addictive and challenging puzzle platformer gameplay, a challenge for all gamers
•Tons of levels to master
•Online and local split-screen leaderboards – challenge your friends to get the highest scores and quickest times!
•A mysterious and heart-wrenching story with a twist at the end for you to unravel as you progress through each level
Upwards, Lonely Robot is out now on Steam (Win PC), priced at £7.99 | €9.99 | $9.99. For more information, please visit the Steam Store here.

“Upwards, Lonely Robot is gamer tested, wife approved.”
4/5 – HardCoreGamer

“A simple tower-climbing game that had me hooked within 20 seconds of playing it. A deceptively simple looking affair that had a potentially mind-bending story. Phenomenal.”
Gamer Giving