Home Behind from Coconut Island Games (Video)

Have you ever thought of becoming a refugee and dying of loneliness? It may not seem the best idea, but Home Behind from Coconut Island Games, promises to bring a lot of fun putting the player in the perspective of a war fugitive. The main character is the father of a family who is looking for his daughter and brother, which after having his country ravaged by war, gives him no choice but to flee towards Europe.

The Publisher Coconut Island Gamesinnovates by bringing to Brazil the game Home Behind, fully in English, Japanese, Portuguese and Traditional Chinese, available on Steam. The game will officially support multiple languages on the 18th of October with a price of $4.67.

Die of loneliness, hunger, exploration or suffering and fight for your survival, because every one of us has a reason to live.

The challenges of a refugee
The gameplay is full of challenges, the player has the objective of carrying all the items he finds during the journey with his cart, also having to cook, craft weapons and gain experience to improve his damage, speed and intelligence.

You can never be too careful
The player needs to be careful all the time, keeping an eye on his hunger, thirst and mood so he can survive this dangerous journey to Europe.

It’s not easy to reach Europe
In his path the player will find several enemies that will stop him from reaching his destination, Europe. But he will also find other refugees which might help him with trades or they might trick him, you will need a lot of strategy and skill to face this challenge. Are you ready?