HOUND project – Artificial intelligence creates life (Video)

It took 400 million years for the first life to appear on Earth. It took seven minutes for the system to create one of its’ own kind. This is the beginning of HOUND project – a game, where you are able to create living things – eating, breathing, struggling for survival in the name of natural selection. If you ever had a fantasy of following Dr. Frankensteins’ footsteps or playing God in basically any way, possible, this game is for you!

Minimalistic open world sandbox, HOUND projects’ “system” provides you with abilities to
design organic-like creatures – anything from a bacteria to a chimp, construct and manage evolutionary strategies – imagine a hybrid of fungus and ship (anything, you can imagine, is technically possible)
Construct your own ecosystems – what, if life existed on the surface of the sun
Manipulate artificial intelligence directly – it takes millions of years for living things to evolve on Earth. With the help of AI this can be reduced to minutes.

You can be God there, or someone above god – you can simply tell AI, what you want, push The Big Red Button and get a unique world, full of living things! Also AI watches you and becomes as good as you are, so the challenge of the game is completely natural, individual, and is always there for you. Just like the matrix, it is hard to explain. You have to see it with your own eyes.

The game is made by a solo developer and will become available in the early September. The demo version of the systems’ environment is available right now on the projects’ official website. Staying indie, HOUND will launch a crowdfunding company of indiegogo in the mid May.