Hyperide update: new action-packed game mode, vintage ship, trippy galaxy (Video)

Hyperide, the hyper-active space arcade game where you avoid meteors, save space-mutts, and collect shiny cosmic bling, has been updated today. Those who still haven’t downloaded the game can do so for free, on their iOS and Android devices.

Hyperide launched to mobile devices in the beginning of February. Widely covered by the media and getting high praises from the public, the game has proven that there are other games in a top-down space game than shooting things and avoiding swarms of enemy projectiles. It’s highly polished presentation and intuitive – yet quite challenging gameplay combined with lots of in-game content made it one of the best received free to play titles of the period. One thing it was lacking – according to worldwide mobile gamers’ feedback: more explosions and destruction, to make this space epic more… epic. Today’s update addresses the wide-spread urge to make space-things go boom.

With Hyperide, Kool2Play brought back the excitement of old-time arcades to modern gamers looking for an A-tier experience in the Free to Play market. Now, it continues its work to make Hyperide the ultimate stress-reliever and distraction from the mundane things for the modern mobile gamer. The game is available FREE on AppStore and Google Play Store.

New Features:

· – Incursion mode: forget dodging meteors! Load up some spinning hyper-charged plasma pellets and show them who’s boss blasting right through them. Very satisfying!
· – A whole new galaxy to discover: the sixth in-game location, Polychrome Nebula is the colorful embodiment of what astronomy and Sci-Fi fanatics refer to as “space porn”
· – New unlockable hyper-ship: the vintage Sputnik has seen some better days, but has been now fully repurposed as a highly-maneuverable craft perfect for tight corners

More about Hyperide:
The space arcade game Hyperide presents a gentle learning curve and rewards the player from the very first steps, but ensures that advancing in the game is even more rewarding. This is a title accessible to casual gamers, but challenging enough to provide addictive experience even to the hard-core players. The hangar is filled with ships to unlock and there are many mysterious galaxies to explore throughout the game. On-line leaderboards, game center achievements and daily awards await for the players who dare to get hyper. With highly-polished visuals and gameplay, three engaging play modes, lots of things to unlock and discover, as well as dozens of fun references to Sci-Fi gaming and film classics, the game embodies the massive 2016 hype for all things cosmic. The game is available as a free download on Apple iOS AppStore and Google Android Play Store