Influent. The European Portuguese language

Three Flip Studios has released a 13th language pack for their critically acclaimed greenlit indie edutainment title, Influent. The European Portuguese language pack is now available for purchase by existing players as DLC for $4.99 USD. For those who don’t already own Influent, the full game is available for $9.99 USD and comes packaged with any of the 13 currently available language packs, European Portuguese included.

Influent offers a radical sandbox-style learning experience focusing primarily on vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation. Each language pack consists of ~500 unique audio pronunciations from native speakers and includes a wide variety of Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs. The game’s open-world approach gives players the freedom to progress at their own pace, focusing their attention on words of interest rather than following a structured lesson plan.

This new update to the game also includes fixes that resolve some gameplay issues reported by Influent’s active online community.

New Updates:
· Set Resolution & Controls dialog now appears by default on launch (Linux only)
· Words with shared synonyms now count as correct in Time Attack (sorry)
· Removed definitive articles from native translations (too confusing)
· Mandarin Chinese Language Pack fixes (small pin yin tone fixes)
· Italian Language Pack fixes (replaced missing audio)
· Swedish Language Pack fixes (counter/sink fix)
· French UI Pack fixes (overlapping text bug)

Three Flip Studios has been hard at work developing the future of Influent while also expanding our current language library in accordance with demand from the community. A number of new language packs are on the way with a big push toward Scandinavia.

Upcoming Language Packs:
· Brazilian Portuguese
· Norwegian
· Finnish
· Danish

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