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Interplanetary Stacking Puzzler ‘Pop Rocket Rescue’ on Mobile Devices (Video)

Friends stick together when the odds are stacked against them. Few mobile games take that as literally as Pop Rocket Rescue, available today on the App Store and Google Play. The latest mobile release from Guru Arcade, Pop Rocket Rescue is a strategic stacking puzzler where players are tasked with rescuing Fizzies, a species of soda pop-producing aliens scattered across 13 uniquely challenging worlds.

Guru Arcade is the interactive division of Guru Studio, the internationally renowned entertainment company behind such fun family TV hits as Justin Time and PAW Patrol. “Guru Arcade grew from our ability to make great characters, stories, and animation, which are also the foundation of great games,” said Mary Bredin, EVP Content and Strategy for Guru Studio.

Building from Guru Arcade’s success with kid-friendly entertainment, Pop Rocket Rescue is pursuing a slightly older crowd. “While kids will be able to enjoy the colorful planets and puzzles presented in earlier levels, the challenge ramps up fairly quickly in Pop Rocket Rescue,” adds Game Designer Alex Larsen. “We like to think that this is a well-crafted puzzler for players who love a challenge.”

Pop Rocket Rescue features include:

· Balance-based gameplay: Build a tower using different shapes, but don’t let it fall! You’ll need to contend with gravity as you try to build in a way that keeps your friends safe.

· 8 special Fizzies with their own powers: From the sticky blocks of ‘Gloop’ to the explosive personality of ‘Cherry Boom!,’ there’s a Fizzie for every situation.

· Head-scratching puzzles: Every stranded Fizzie needs your help, but there are only so many pieces to use and directions to go before you tumble and topple. Can you outsmart each stage?

· 80 Levels spread across 13 worlds: Defend your tower from incoming meteors in the Smashteroid Belt, blow up debris to make room for your towers in Junkyard Boom, and use Gloop’s sticky syrup to get through a Sticky Situation!

Pop Rocket Rescue is available now as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.